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Ser Lucian Shaw character bio

Ser Lucian Shaw

Ser Lucian Shaw, son of Lord Howard Shaw, lord of the Oceanic region. The very vision of a chivalrous knight, and the sole heir to the entire Oceanic region, was born in the 974th year of the reign of King Deminious. The Shaw name is ancient and noble, and spans back to the reign of King Aron the God of Craft.

Knighted at the early age of seventeen, by Ser Garth Atkinson, the Shaw house shield. Lucian had fought in a thirty-man melee, and came out victorious. The future is bright for the Oceanic region, with such a noble line to continue the long-lasting peace of the coastal paradise.

Lucian will attend the naming of the new Sentinels to be sure. Perhaps he will distinguish himself further by winning the Crowning Tournament. After all, he has won one before.

Known allies

The knights of the Oceanic region

Known rivals

None to speak of

Fighting style

Sword and shield

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