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Sava'ge of Rammington

Battle Commander to the Rammington forces, Rammington's chosen champion, the fastest steel in the east, are only a few of the names Sava'ge of Rammington is known by. His birth and parentage are unfortunately unknown.

Raised in the streets of Rammington, his path could have taken a darker turn, if Ser Titus Cross (The battle commander at the time) had not found him brawling with some older boys in a scuffle that left him bloodied and bruised.

In the years that would follow, he trained to join the Rammington guard alongside his childhood friend Absenth. A healthy rivalry grew between the two as they struggled to find anyone else a match in the training yard. Polar opposite personalities made them an odd pair, yet they forged a brotherly bond that would last a lifetime.

Today, Sava'ge serves as King Trogon Aztan's Battle Commander and his personal guard. Father to a nine-year-old son, Corthentous and loving husband to his wife Ella. Sava'ge of Rammington is truly a son of the city and has been selected to represent Rammington in the crowning tournament to honour the new Sentinels. It is inconceivable that anyone other than our champion will stand victorious.

Fighting style

Duel curved short swords




The Bastards of Blackbutt



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