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Prince Arwen Aztan

Prince Arwen Aztan was born in the 975th year of the reign of Deminious. The firstborn child to Trogon and Dora Aztan, elder brother to Princess Audrey and heir to the Rammington throne.

Many have occupied the Rammington seat, some great rulers, some unfortunate rulers. It is too early to tell which our young prince will become. One thing to be certain of is such a bookish man has not ruled Rammington before. Arwen is far from the image of his barbarian king, father; yet I feel when our prince's time comes, he will lead Rammington into an entirely new era.

King Trogon leaves in a few days to celebrate the naming of the new Sentinels. The charge of Rammington will fall to our bright young prince while he is gone. With the king away and the Broken Bones Nation disrupting the area, we can only hope it does not test our young prince before his time.

Fighting style

despises physical conflict





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