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My name is A D Bollen

I am an Australasian Author based in southeast Queensland. My debut dark fantasy novel, A Succession of Swords, will be available on Amazon in November 2022. A Succession of Swords is book one in the Chronicles of Serenity series. When I am not working on the harsh world of Serenity, I enjoy time with my family and friends and all that southeast Queensland has to offer.


"What an exciting new fantasy author! I enjoyed A Succession of Swords enormously. I found myself falling in love with the characters, fighting their battles, weeping at their losses and cheering at their triumphs"

Praise & Reviews

"Unique character dialogue that jumps off the page, masterful world building, and a tragically beautiful tale that will make you both laugh and cry"

 "A Succession of Swords is a captivating epic tale of good against evil, loyalty and betrayal, loss and triumph. A D Bollen’s fantasy world of Serenity is sweeping and grand, full of hero’s and villains, demons and gods… looking forward to Book Two!"

“A Succession of Swords opening paragraph drew me into this epic fantasy story immediately. The characters are mesmerising and the plot lines unexpected. I love the dynamics between the gods and the mortals and the twists and turns throughout. A real page turner - more please! I relish reading the second book….”

"A Succession of Swords is a fast-paced, well-written world of fantasy. Well done to A D Bollen who has created a book that seems to have its own gravity, every time you put it down you can't help being pulled back."


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