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Ser Linkonious the Tiger Knight

Ser Linkonious, the Tiger Knight, was born in the 975th year of the reign of Deminious. The second brother of the bastards of Blackbutt, often described as charming and remarkably handsome.

His tale of knighthood is no less charming than the hero himself. In the 993rd year of the reign of Deminious, Lord Arius and Lady Julia Grey of Greysands held a tournament to honour one hundred years of peace with its closest neighbour Blackstone.

A single elimination contest saw some of the greatest swords in the east, cross blades over the four-day celebration. Storied names such as Ser Titus Cross of Rammington and both of the Thornton twins fell to the might of the Tiger knight.

Ser Atlas Storm, Greysands House Shield and our young rouge competed for the champion's position. The two fought backwards and forwards for over an hour, igniting the crowd with every slash and parry, when Linkonious disarmed Ser Atlas.

Lord Alister Black, Lord of Blackstone, called for the Atlas's head. Offering lands and knighthood to the Tiger knight. To say it displeased his hosts would understate the matter. Linkonious flashed a winning smile to the crowd, before handing Ser Atlas his blade, and famously replied.

"Any knight here can knight me, Lord Black. Your lands are harsh and cold; I would sooner know the warmth of one of Lady Julia's kisses. I am sure you understand."

Ser Atlas Storm confirmed Linkonious as Ser Linkonious the Tiger Knight of Lion's Keep that very day. I believe he is still waiting for his kiss.

Fighting style - Long sword


- The Bastards of Blackbutt

- Absenth of Rammington

- House Grey of Greysands


- Lord Alister Black

- House Thornton

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