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Ser Jaxton the Dragon Knight

Ser Jaxton the Dragon Knight, was born in the 979th year of the reign of Deminious. The youngest of the Bastards of Blackbutt. His mother Corra sadly passed away, bringing him into the world. Father Lochlan Green, a father of the Ministry of Light, raised Jaxton and his elder brothers in the House of Orphans.

His elder brothers: Kaydus the Lion Lord and Ser Linkonious the Tiger Knight, cast an enormous shadow with their own heroic deeds, but our young Dragon found a way to blaze through the darkness cast by his brothers, and set Serenity on fire with his own tale.

During the battle of Sunny Meadow (a small farming village between) Blackbutt and Black shores. Ser Elton Smith lead a host to put down a rising rebellion. Described as being nothing more than a few drunken rebels, two score Blackbutt knights and squires rode out to put an end to them.

The information could not have been more understated. Ser Elton and his comrades found themselves surrounded on all sides, the tree line behind them offering their only refuge. Knights charged the rebels, meeting a swift end. Others retreated through the trees longing for escape. Galloping alongside his brothers Jaxton noticed Delia flowers climbing the trees around them, with the rebels snapping at their heals, our brave squire formed a bold idea.

Igniting a lantern from his saddle bag, he smashed it at the base of a tree. Flames began licking the vines of flowers spreading from tree to tree until everything behind them was a blaze. The rebels were consumed by the roaring heat and everyone hence fourth knows the Delia flower as the flame flower.

Sunny Meadow saw the end of the rebel uprising and the birth of the Dragon Knight.

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