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Princess Audrey Aztan

Princess Audrey Aztan was born in the 977th year of the reign of Deminious. Daughter to King Trogon Aztan and the late Queen Dora Aztan, who tragically passed giving birth to Audrey.

When considering princess's, one often jumps to conclusions of pretty dresses, balls and days spent within the castle gardens. Our Princess of Rammington could not be further from the thought. Choosing to spend her days in the training yard sparring with her household guard, she has become more than proficient with short sword and pole axe. However, she is second to none on horseback brandishing her seven-foot spear.

Growing up within the castle of Rammington, Audrey had her every need met, yet it must have been lonely for the princess. Her elder brother, Prince Arwen, is a quiet, bookish man. Who offers little warmth in any capacity to her, or anyone for that matter. Audrey and her father have always been close, yet ruling the second largest kingdom in Serenity leaves him with little time. In response, she formed friendships with a few low born children that have become lifelong friends. Sava'ge, the current Battle Commander of Rammington, has grown to be a warrior to rival the Gods and a less than savoury warrior named Absenth, who was banished approximately ten years ago for matters we will not speak of now.

King Trogon will leave in three days to pay homage to the Sentinels and their Crowning Tournament. No doubt Rammington's Battle Commander will accompany him. Ser Bently Tide, the famed Adventurer Knight of Blackbutt, is putting together a team to track and kill, the last of the Broken Bones Nation. Perhaps our Warrior Princess could be of assistance.

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