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Lord Theopelies

The Great and honourable Lord Theopelies, high elf to all elves of Serenity. Landed upon the western shores of Knusk in the 201st year of the reign of Deminious. Little is known about the elves, even after close to eight hundred years since their arrival. Raising the silver towers of Knusk, it is argued they hold the most impressive stronghold in the land. Smaller of frame than men, they have established themselves as the finest archers in Serenity and have taken a golden arrow in a purple sky as their banner.

The most refined of the races, they place value in their society's structure and education, over their military strength. That is not to be said, they should be underestimated, as they defend Knusk against orc incursions regularly.

One cannot talk of the elves without mentioning their Elvish Steel. Unquestionably the finest steel in Serenity, excusing the blessed steel the gods themselves carry. The elves have found a way to bend the fine metal back on itself, over and over, creating superior strength with a light weight. If you are one to believe in rumor, there are also stories of them fusing magical elements into the steel.

Lord Theopelies and his escort currently make their way towards the Palace of the Gods to pay homage to the new Sentinels. He believes his champion will surprise the other regions in this uncivilised Crowning Tournament.


The Crown army



Fighting style


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