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Kaydus the Lion Lord

Kaydus the Lion Lord of Lion's keep, was born in the 970th year of the reign of King Deminious. The ferocious Lion Lord was not destined to be a lord. Bastard born to a pirate of Pestinon, and a common serving woman of Blackbutt. This young thug butchered his way to a knighthood, then seized greatness with his own hands.

In the 990th year of the reign of King Deminious, King Leon the Lion Tamer, of the Broken Bones Nation, kidnapped Ariana Gorman of Breakwater. Lord Crandell Gorman, her father and lord of Breakwater, raised a bounty on King Lion's head. One hundred thousand gold pieces, a lordship, lands and his daughter's hand in marriage to the knight who could return her safely. Knights rode in from all over Serenity; from the far reaches of the Oceanic region; brave knights of Greysands; and the bastards of Blackbutt. Coupled with his younger brothers, who we will discuss in their own tales. They hunted King Leon and the Broken Bones Nation to a cave system between Blackbutt and Breakwater. A dozen bandits sat around a campfire while the brothers crept closer. King Leon had Ariana chained inside a cave, while he took the evening meal with his beast.

Screams danced around the campfire as Leon unshackled his lion. Ser Kaydus stood alone in the mouth of the cave and offered an ultimatum, "You can leave with your life, but leave the girl, your crown, and your dignity in this cave," he said, with a smirk. Leon answered with a stoke of his blade, opening Ariana's throat, assuring Kaydus would share the same fate.

His brothers stole anything of value from the corpses, when Kaydus emerged from the cave carrying two heads, King Leon still wearing his crown, and the lions. Lord Gorman mourned the loss of his daughter and honoured his word, issuing Kaydus with the title, lands and gold. Kaydus took a lion as his sigil, in honour of the beast.

Birthing Kaydus the Lion Lord, of Lions Keep. The Broken Bones Nation has risen again under Bradimare the Bloody Baron. Perhaps he will set out to vanquish them once and for all.


The bastards of Blackbutt




Alister Black

Fighting style

Katana blades from the other side of the Pestinon sea

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