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Absenth character bio

Updated: Jan 8, 2023


Born in the 976th year of the reign of Deminious, Absenth was a typical Rammington bastard. Prone to stealing, quick to anger and deadly before he reached adulthood, the streets raised a violent pickpocket. Whilst Ser Titus Cross (Rammington’s Battle Commander) raised one of the best swordsmen alive, even with the tutelage of the legendary Battle Commander and King Trogon Aztan himself, Absenth managed to get himself banished from Rammington, for becoming far too familiar with Princess Audrey, if the rumors can be believed.

Prone to the distasteful pastimes of the low born, he can often be found associating with low people, in even lower places. Masey’s brothel in Blackbutt seems to be a favorite for the distasteful free rider. Blurring the lines between soldier and bandit, the Gods only know what the future holds for this unpredictable rogue. If his past dictates his future, it will be violent, and very, very bloody.

Perhaps the approaching Crowning Tournament could be an opportunity for Absenth to show off his abilities?

Known associates

Sava’ge of Rammington (Rammington’s current Battle commander)

Kaydus The Lion Lord

Ser Linkonious The Tiger Knight

Ser Jaxton The Dragon Knight

Known rivals

Prince Arwen Trogon (Prince of Rammington)

Fighting style

Duel curved short swords

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